Marfields Interiors

May 16, 2023

Depending on the use of a space and the mood and feel you’d like to create, light fixtures can achieve different desired effects. By taking the ceiling height of a given space into consideration, the placement height of the lighting source plays a significant role in the perception of the space. 

Artificial light has the capacity to create a number of different ambiences. For a recent project at the The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Limassol, Cyprus, for example, we used dimmable fixtures throughout, which give a space the flexibility to adapt during the day according to its use and the occupants’ needs.

Light color is directly associated with light intensity. Natural sunlight, for instance, corresponds to 4,000 degrees Kelvin. If a space needs a warmer white light, then we would reduce the light to 3,000.. Anything below 2,700 would result in a more yellow color, and therefore a less intense setting.